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Oct 01


10/1: After Guy and the movers left, Fi and I weren’t alone for more than fifteen minutes when our first issue came up.

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Sep 30


9/30: Lenore needs to know the protocol for being a Good Guest.
Fi continues to go down her list of house rules; she’s about halfway through.

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Sep 29

pacifica365 said: May I see a selfie of yourself?

You can see them on my Pinterest board. :)


9/29: You may have guessed that Fi’s “House Rules” didn’t stop at three. You’d be correct.

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Sep 28


9/28: As they say, if it’s free, then you’re the product being sold.

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Sep 27


9/27: I was about to give Fi my first rental check of $100, but instead she had a Square credit card reader already on her smartphone. She is certainly prepared for anything.

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Sep 26


9/26: It was around 11:30 in the morning when Fi called. We had a big social media initiative for the company ready to launch at at the end of the day, and I did need to be there. It was at that moment that the logical course of action presented itself, to our mutual dismay.
Guy, whose workweek ended when his shift was over at dawn, volunteered to oversee the movers getting my belongings into their van and transported to Fi’s house. I went in to work, and we launched the new website.
At 6:00 she and I drove to her house, where Guy and my furniture were waiting.

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Sep 25


9/25: Of all the things I didn’t need to deal with today, it’s Mother’s controlling nature. Unfortunately, she’s now collaborating with Guy’s dad.

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Sep 24


9/24: Coming from a military family I learned to keep things organized and (due to constantly moving) to not have much clutter. There was nothing that wasn’t on a shelf or cupboard.

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Sep 23


9/23: When I bought the house the water heater was already old, and replacing it was always on my To Do list but I never got around to it. That bit me on the butt yesterday morning when it catastrophically emptied its contents onto my hardwood floors.
I have a small house, and the water went everywhere. Coming from a military family I was prepared, and knew what services to call, including the insurance company. Yes, I’m covered for the damage to the floors which are already warping and buckling.

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